Joining the Long Island Midwives, Inc. is important to all midwives in our area as well as the individuals and families we serve. Your membership in L.I. Midwives, Inc. will help promote midwifery in our communities. The mission is to promote and improve access to midwifery care in all our communities, as well as improve communications among licensed professional midwives.

  • There are over 1000 practicing licensed professional midwives and student midwives in New York State. In 1999, over 29,000 births were attended by New York’s licensed professional midwives, accounting for over 10% of the births in the state that year. Ten years earlier, in 1989, only 4% of births were conducted by licensed midwives! As our numbers grow, we can have significant influence on our practice, and the health and well-being of the women and families of this area.
  • Long Island Midwives, Inc. actively promotes Midwifery through community presentations, events, activities.
  • Long Island Midwives, Inc. offers scholarships for student midwives every year through the Shirley Okrent/Marie Frey Scholarship Fund
  • Long Island Midwives, Inc. maintains an active Web site.

Your membership entitles you to receive many benefits. Please join today and become involved in your local midwifery community.

There are three categories of membership in Long Island Midwives, Inc.:

  1. Active
  2. Student
  3. Friend
Active members have annual dues of $60
(payment using PayPal will include a transaction fee)
  • Opportunities to network with midwives from Long Island and New York City at quarterly meeting
  • Ability to vote on organizational business matters and elections
  • Eligibility to run for office pursuant to the bylaws of the association
  • Inclusion on official membership mailing list
  • Participation in supporting annual student midwifery scholarship through the Shirley Okrent/Marie Frey Scholarship Fund
  • Listing on the website directory

Active membership

Does not include $2.10 PayPal Fee


Student / Retired Members $24
(payment using Paypal will include a transaction fee)
  • Opportunity to attend and speak at all membership meetings
  • Inclusion on official membership mailing list
  • Ability to pursue clinical preceptors, career opportunities through networking
  • Eligibility for Shirley Okrent scholarship

Student/Retired Membership

Does not include $1.03 PayPal Fee


Friends of Midwives
  • We suggest making a tax deductible donation of $35
  • Members: include doulas, child birth educators and other professionals who support the profession of midwifery and the goals and philosophy of Long Island Midwives, Inc.
  • Friends of midwives members may send a representative to all open meetings and may request all official mailings
  • Listing on the website directory

Friends of Midwives


Would You Like to Pay By Check?

Please fill out the form and mail it with your check to:

Long Island Midwives, Inc.
P.O. Box 363
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